St Paul's Lutheran Church

407 S Saturn Avenue Clearwater, FL 33755 

We continually work on improving our gifts and talents so that our effectiveness at leading worship and as disciples of Christ is seen and heard.  Through rehearsal and preparation we continually build upon the artistic foundations within us not to glorify or bring praise to ourselves, but to worship and praise the Lord.  We recognize we are involved in a very public ministry which places us in a unique and humbling leadership role, united by our service to God and intent on living out our love for music and the arts.​  


With 2-octaves of hand chimes, our hymn-singing, choral anthems, and other worship music we provide a musical opportunity for people for whom the handbells are too heavy or who only wish to ring occasionally.  


We are blessed with 4 octaves of handbells that practice and provide music for worship and other special events.  Bell-Tastics also has a focus on local ministry-outreach and they can be found in the community ringing and bringing a message of hope, peace and joy to the hearts of all the listeners.  


Central to our worship is an instrument that sits in the front balcony and controls over 3000 pipes.  We are proud of our pipe organ and the many moods it can convey from soft, soothing strings to loud, rattling reeds and trumpets.  

We are people... learning.

Music Ministry


The Chancel Choir gets its name because of the location within the worship space in which they participate.  This group is open to all who are able to attend Wednesday evening rehearsals (7:00 - 8:30) and Sunday morning rehearsals (8:30 - 9:10).

The group prepares hymns, descants, prayer responses, anthems, and other music which serves to enhance the worship experience of all who gather. We are not a performance choir but seek to be a vessel through which God speaks to our hearts through the gifts He gives us as musicians.

St. Paul's is 
a sharing place

We are Many Hearts... One Voice

​​We believe that, called by God and guided by the Holy Spirit, our purpose for sharing our gifts and graces with others through music is to engage the hearts, minds and senses of all who are gathered together and to witness and participate in uncompromised worship of God.  Through our talents and gifts we have a desire to play an integral role in the worship experiences which bring all those gathered together into the very presence of the Lord.  By doing so, we prayerfully seek profound opportunities for the Holy Spirit to touch our souls, heal our brokenness, break our chains, and ignite our passionate caring of humanity.

We learn to lead one another into worship moments by living our faith out loud, participating in the life of the church, extending our reach in to the community, and sharing our God-given talents with all who will gather.